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High Energy Bill Concerns?

If you feel like you are paying excessive amounts for your energy bill, there are a few things that can be done to increase efficiency, and decrease your energy bill.

Programmable Thermostat
thermostatAs a first step, we recommend Programmable Thermostats to homeowners for saving energy. It is sometimes overlooked how a few simple changes like this can decrease your energy bill by the hundreds. By increasing or decreasing your thermostat by just 1 degree for eight hours, you increase or decrease your energy usage by 1 percent. When you are leaving for work in the morning, your thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature by 10 degrees, and adjust accordingly for your arrival at the end of the day. After 8 hours, you will see a 10 percent savings, with no effort at all. By making the adjustment by hand, you run the risk of forgetting to change the temperature, or being uncomfortable when you arrive home after a long day of work. A programmable thermostat listens to YOU, and will be at the temperature you want, exactly when you want it there.

When it comes to your home, many people have only a single thermostat, in a specific area. This means that single thermostat will be relaying the message that your entire home is of a single temperature and humidity level. Depending on the location of the sun, and activity and humidity in different rooms, it is crucial to be able to regulate temperatures and dehumidification in each zone. Heating and Cooling your entire home will rarely be easy on your pockets. With the ability to regulate and adjust the temperatures throughout your home, you could see savings of 20-30 percent of energy usage.

Variable Speed Equipment
Generally when a home is being heated or cooled, the HVAC system will fully power on when desired temperature is not met. Once proper temperature is met, the system will then shut down. The term “Variable-Speed Technology” refers to the ability of a heat pump or furnace to operate at different speeds. Owning variable-speed equipment ensures the use of less energy, due to the simple fact that it will automatically adjust operating speed. Most homes will rarely, if ever, have to operate at full capacity, except possibly on the first day of heating or cooling season. Although variable-speed units cost more upfront, they will save you on your monthly bill, and life expectancy is significantly higher.

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